Benguela Cove - Mother Nature At Work


Conservation and ecology are at the heart of everything we do at Benguela Cove. We understand that as custodians of this unique heritage, we must do everything in our power to ensure that it is untouched and unspoilt for tomorrow's generations.   


Benguela Cove’s location between the lagoon, the ocean and the world heritage Kogelberg Biosphere set it apart from any vineyard or property development anywhere in Africa. This unique and special location within Walker Bay, Hermanus, is where mother nature and pure luxury meet. 


Benguela Cove is aiming to become a World Wide Fund for Nature champion, and through the use of sustainable farming, we constantly scrutinise our practices to determine what we can do better. The Western Cape and Hermanus have seen less than average rainfall over the past few years, and Benguela Cove has adopted sustainable dry farming methods. 


The practice of dry farming utilises stored winter rains to supply moisture throughout the growing season. Some of the finest wines and olive oils in the world are produced with dry-farmed fruit. Dry farming is not a yield maximisation strategy; rather, it allows nature to dictate the true sustainability of agricultural production. 


Benguela Cove utilises drip irrigation and straw mulch - which retains the water and means that fewer weeds grow, and so fewer herbicides are needed. Less water used on crops has a positive impact on local water quality and flows. The energy saved in transporting and pumping the irrigation water also represents a bonus. The result is better tasting and more densely nutritious produce.


Benguela Cove’s commitment to reducing our carbon footprint permeates both the homeowners’, the farming and commercial enterprise practices. Significant steps are in place to produce solar energy for homes and onsite businesses too. Solar panels can provide a natural, renewable energy source that produces little or no greenhouse emissions when converted to electricity.


Wildlife Estate


The unique and diverse wildlife in and around Benguela Cove ranges from the migratory whales that visit Hermanus, to the variety of other fauna and flora that flourishes in the abundant sunshine of Western Province. 


The peace and tranquillity that is so carefully preserved on the estate provides a protected environment for Cape Leopards, Caracals, Porcupines and an abundance of birdlife. We aim to create awareness of this unique habitat, with its 150 varieties of fynbos and some 200 species of birds that are so special to this area. We promote “green practices” in conservation and sustainable farming.


The Bot River lagoon, which is 13.6km wide and is the largest open water area along the Western Cape coast, meets the Rooisand nature reserve, which occupies the western frontage of the lagoon. Managed by Cape Nature, this is a designated protected nature reserve.


Benguela Cove occupies the eastern frontage of the lagoon, home to no less than 86 species. This includes Flamingos, Gulls, Terns, Herons, Great White Pelicans and the Black Oystercatcher. Other birds include Kestrel, Osprey, Fish Eagles, Blue Cranes and owls.   


Herds of feral horses, “the wild horses of Benguela Cove”, roam the estuary. They are descendants of those that were abandoned at the end of the Anglo-Boer war and live freely in the dunes.


During World War 2, The Royal Airforce, Squadron 262, established an emergency base on the Botriver Lagoon for the landing and refuelling of the Catalina Flying Boats. Benguela Cove has produced the Benguela Cove “Catalina Semillon” as a tribute to the men that flew these aircraft. The story of the Catalina includes the RAF pilots who fell in love with local Afrikaans girls and returned to South Africa to marry them after the war.


Benguela Cove is one of the top luxury South African properties in this safe, secure, protected estate, with excellent real estate investment potential and good internet access. The estate is close to Hermanus, famous for its whale watching, in Western Province, South Africa and within travelling distance of Cape Town.


Properties offer ocean views and luxury accommodation, with a range of sporting activities on the estate. These include water skiing and boating, sail boating and kayaking as well as running, cycling, tennis, birdwatching and fishing.


It also offers residents an excellent location for enjoying other famous visitor destinations in South Africa, including the popular Garden Route, safari parks and the vibrant cultural and nightlife attractions of Cape Town.


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