Top SA Wildlife Estates Attracting Buyers


There is a noticeable national and international movement of people as they make the decision to change from living in towns and cities and relocate or buy a second home in a location where they can enjoy a much safer and healthier lifestyle in a natural setting. 


Living on a South African wildlife estate is now one of the most popular choices of lifestyle for buyers of new homes, following the impact of the Coronavirus lockdown. Travel restrictions and understandable fears about the pandemic have confined many people to their local regions, and so the appeal of a luxurious new home in the unspoilt countryside - with magnificent wildlife and beautiful views to wake up to each day - is a major draw, says the developer of Benguela Cove Lagoon Estate, Penny Streeter OBE.


Life on an estate like Benguela Cove is so different to that in a big city. Residents at Benguela Cove wake up to stunning views each day across the tranquil lagoon to the Kogelberg Nature Reserve and the Atlantic sea beyond. They have the prospect each day of choosing from a range of outdoor activities and experiences. These include running and hiking, boating and waterskiing - or perhaps bird watching.


Residents live alongside some 100 species of birds. This includes owls, blue cranes, guinea fowl and flamingos. They flourish in the protected reserves and vast wetlands. Mountain leopards and wild horses can also be seen too.


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